make it // easy peasy paper ornaments

the year m. was born was the first year that i really felt the need to have a 'proper' christmas tree. our plastic fir was covered in baby-safety-conscious plastic decorations from spotlight and target ... i probably shouldn't have worried because she was completely oblivious.

that year my mum gifted me all of the ornaments that she had amassed over the years on my behalf. i'm not sure if it was her intention in the beginning, but it became a bit of a tradition for my younger siblings and i to receive an ornament as part of our gift wrap, or in our stockings each christmas.

now that i have my own little family i've been thinking a bit harder about updating our plastic ornaments. replacing them with hand crafted ones that i can hand on to the kidlets when they are grown and putting up their own christmas trees. i'm hoping to begin my own tradition and make something for or with the kids each year.

these sweet little paper pine cone ornaments are my first attempt at something stylish and home made. they're super quick to whip up, look gorgeous on the tree and would also look lovely as part of the wrapping on a gift for someone special.

you will need:

1 // pretty paper
(this is actually a sample of wallpaper from porters paints designer collection.
the design is mokum antique lace by catherine martin in champagne colourway)
2 // a circular punch
(this one is about 20mm in diameter)
3 // a couple of cheap plastic ornaments.
(these are about 50mm in diameter)
4 // some twine to replace the existing cheap and nasty gold string
(if desired)
5 // sheets of paper with text
(or whatever really, pictures from magazines to match your christmas colour theme would be lovely too)
6 // a hot glue gun

1 // cut out a whole heap of little circles from your chosen papers.

2 // pull the tops off the ornaments (if possible) and replace the strings if desired.

3 // mark some guide lines on your ornament if you're super worried about neatness
(i actually didn't end up paying all that much attention to mine
and i think it would have been better to mark horizontal bands to indicate the spacing between the rows)

4 // plug in your glue gun and start gluing!
 you only need a tiny dab of glue on the ornament where you will place the top of each circle.
remember to tuck the last circle under the first circle of the row when you reach the end.

5 // for the final row, clip some notches out of your circles with the punch
so you can tuck them up nice and close to the neck of the ornament.

6 // glue the hanger back on.


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