i'm slowly slowly fumbling my way through the process of opening a little etsy store to sell some baby related stationary that's been swirling aound in my brain for a while now. i've been working away on the design of some little birth announcement cards that can double as thankyou notes for all the gifts from family and friends that find their way into your home once a baby arrives.

most of the designs available for this kind of thing are a bit cutesy for me, so i'm trying to keep the style of these cards quite clean and classic. i plan to do a new collection of designs fairly regularly to keep things fresh and on trend. i'm also going to design with a range of printing options in mind, some that you could print yourself and others that would come trimmed and scored for you to fold up and send out.

what do you think? as a new parent do you think you'd prefer to save a little money and organise printing yourself, or pay a little more for the convenience of having your cards mailed ready to write on and send off?
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