m. is often found with a stolen iphone, swiping through the images and video of herself and her brother that are collected there. it prompted me to have a flick through myself and ever since i've been thinking a lot about ways to record the little things they say and do that seem so important, yet fade from memory without cataloguing. i'm pretty certain that while i could easily commit to the idea of a photo a day project, chances are the follow through would be sadly lacking.
i discovered the idea of a weekly photo project on one of those meandering internet adventures where you follow a trail of links like breadcrumbs in a forest and end up somewhere magical. maybe emily from the beetle shack did the same, or maybe she already knew jodi from che and fidel. either way i'd like to thank a couple of ladies i've never met for supplying the inspiration for this project to document our babes.

eight hundred and sixty-nine // it's hard to find an image of her in focus. she's always on the go these days

seventy-nine // the two of them have a bit of a mutual appreciation society going at the moment. i'm interested to see how long that lasts once he's more mobile
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